Factors to Consider in Choosing Football Gloves

Football gloves have become a necessary accessory in the game nowadays. In the earlier times the players used to need only helmet, shoulder pad and cleats, but today these best football gloves are worn by players in different positions for a better grip on the ball and to protect the palms from abrasion and cuts that may happen as the speed and force of the game has increased manifold in the recent years. The weather is also a significant factor to be considered as when it is raining or if there is snow during the game, the gloves become essential for a better grip on the ball.

Earlier it was the wide receivers and running back that used to wear football gloves, but now the players of any position from lineman to the quarter back are donning the top 10 best football gloves as they have felt a clear improvement of wearing them. However the gloves worn by players at different positions are different so choosing the right glove becomes imperative while playing the game. Now whichever position you found yourself in the game, there are certain common factors to be considered before buying the gloves.

Factors to consider before buying customize football gloves:

best football gloves
•    Upper part of the gloves: usually made up of leather, spandex or synthetic leather. The leather aids the hand to breathe freely and they are soft and comfortable and above all flexible, so that the hands could be moved in any angle without any interference.
•    Palm material: For noticeable reasons the material at the palm has to be as such that improves the ability of the player to grip the ball properly.
•    Player position: As has been cited earlier, the type of the football gloves worn depends on the position of the player in the field and according to his precise requirement

You can always have the option to consider using football gloves that would fit in exactly to your requirements and that would enhance your performance in the field.

Jeff Jagodzinski’s Ultimatum – Interview and Your Fired

Boston College must really like Jeff Jagodzinski, the school’s head football coach. Why? They’ve told Jagodzinski that if he interviews for the New York Jets job that he’d be fired.

While BC is obviously trying to keep their head coach, this ultimatum is a bit extreme. Are they really that scared that Jagodzinski would get the job? At best, he’s a dark horse to land the Jets job.

All BC is doing with this ultimatum is making the next few coaches think twice about signing on the bottom line. If your school doesn’t want you to potentially further your career — or at least get the opportunity to interview — that’s not exactly the best selling point for future candidates.

If Boston College wanted to be smart, they’d bac off and let Jagodzinski get the interview. He’s likely not getting the job, so there’d be no real harm. Plus, the publicity hit isn’t worth trying to scare him away from the NFL interview.

LeBron James Crab Dribble

LeBron James evidently doesn’t know what constitutes a traveling in the NBA. After being called for traveling against the Washington Wizards on Sunday, LeBron said after the game that it wasn’t traveling — it was instead a crab dribble. Watch the video at the end of this blog entry to see LeBron’s supposed crab dribble.

The funny part is that LeBron said he watched the replay and said it wasn’t a travel. Really? Watch the video and you can clearly see LeBron taking three steps. Perhaps if he would have jump stopped after his “crab dribble” it wouldn’t have been a travel.

LeBron has gotten away with a few travels in the past but the refs caught this one.

Peyton Manning Didn’t Deserve NFL MVP

Peyton Manning was named the Most Valuable Player in the NFL for the 2008 season. While Manning had a good season, he didn’t deserve to be the NFL MVP for 2008.

In fact, no one did.

Weirdly enough, 2008 was a season in which no player stood out enough to truly deserve the MVP award. Just take a look at Manning’s stats. Compared to last year his touchdowns were down, his passing yards were down and his quarterback ranking was lower than at any point since 2002. How does that add up to an MVP season?

It doesn’t.

Yeah, I know Manning battled through injury. Yeah, I know he played well down the stretch. But if a player has an average season for his own standards, it’s difficult to say that he deserves an MVP trophy.

To just show how bad the MVP candidates were this season, Chad Pennington finished second. Chad friggin’ Pennington. Good story, average quarterback.

The NFL should have just skipped the MVP award this season. Perhaps they could have given out two next year. But really, Peyton Manning didn’t deserve it — and neither did anyone else.

Teams that Need Manny Ramirez the Most

Manny Ramirez is a still a free agent. His agent is trying to milk the most money possible out of free agency before allowing Ramirez to sign with a team. Which team needs Ramirez the most? Here’s our list.

5) New York Mets
If the Mets ever want to become known as something other than “the other New York team”, they should invest in Ramirez. He’ll bring a spark to the team and will bring attention — both good and bad. On the field, at least Ramirez isn’t known to choke like the rest of the current team.

4) Texas Rangers
The Rangers need to a face a sobering fact: their pitching was, is and will be horrible. With that in mind, it’s time for Texas to just try to slug their way to a championship. To do so, they should lock up the best bat on the market.

3) San Francisco Giants
The Giants were a disturbingly bad hitting team last season. Ramirez would solve that all by his lonesome. Another bonus is that we know Giants fans have no problem rallying behind a sometimes shady outfielder who likes to hit homers and disenfranchise teammates.

2) Washington Nationals
Is this team even real? Has anyone out there really seen the Nationals play? I’ve seen their name in the newspaper and you can find evidence of their existence online but I’m still skeptical. Perhaps if they sign a player we’ve heard of we may start to believe.

1) Boston Red Sox
Why not? With the way the Yankees are bringing in the talent, the Red Sox have to figure out a way to catch back up. Why not go with the player who you know can bring titles to Beantown? Forget the drama and let him just be the big stick in the middle of the lineup again.

Wade Phillips Needs To Be Fired

Wade Phillips needs to be fired. It’s that simple.

The Dallas Cowboys are a very talented bunch. Offensively, they are oozing with talent at just about every position. Defensively, they are almost equally as talented.

That said, the 2008 Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs. And they did so in disgusting fashion. Facing a must win game in Week 17 against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys laid a giant egg. Instead of fighting, they fell 44-6 against the Eagles.

Rumors have it that the many of the players were laughing and carrying on during the plane ride home. Add that to the on the field turmoil and lack of chemistry that is obvious if you watch the Cowboys play and someone has to take the fall. And that man is head coach Wade Phillips.

Phillips isn’t a bad coach, mind you, but these Cowboys need a shakeup. They need a coach who will come in and demand respect. Not only respect for the coach but respect for the game and respect for teammates. This is especially true if the Cowboys insist on keeping up the policy of bringing in shady characters whenever the opportunity arises.

Phillips is not the answer. Jason Garrett is not the answer.

Who could be the answer? Bill Cowher would demand respect. So would *gasp* Bill Parcells.

Worst 2008 NFL Playoff Teams

4. Miami Dolphins
Yeah, the worst to first storyline is heartwarming but the Miami Dolphins will be one and done in the 2008 NFL playoffs. Thought the Baltimore Ravens aren’t much of a powerhouse themselves, they should be able to handle the Dolphins.

3. Minnesota Vikings
Outside of Adrian Peterson, the Vikings don’t really scare many teams. Their quarterback play is iffy to say the least and their defense is overrated. Even though they are going up against the 9-6-1 Eagles in the first round, they will be shown the door.

2. San Diego Chargers
The Chargers made the playoffs despite being 8-8. That tells almost the entire story. LaDainian Tomlinson is a shell of his former self and their defense is horrible. The only reason they made the playoffs was due to a massive choke job by the Denver Broncos.

1. Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals don’t see the playoffs very often. This year, they better enjoy their opening game because that is all they will see. The Cardinals have been playing horrible football as of late and should lose in the first round to the Atlanta Falcons.

Did The Yankees Just Kill Baseball?

No one can stand fans of the New York Yankees fans. If you are a Yankees fan, just know that the rest of us can’t stand you.

But while the Yankees have been annoying in the past, their recent acts may have just killed the sport of baseball. After signing the two best pitchers on the open market in CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, the Yankees went ahead and signed the best bat on the market in Mark Teixeira.

How are the rest of the teams supposed to compete with a team with such unlimited resources? The Yankees can basically just buy whoever they want. Those three players they signed make more money than a majority of teams spend on their entire roster. That’s just ridiculous.

The baseball player union has fought hard to keep a salary cap out of baseball. But at what point does this unequal playing field start hurting the players rather than helping them? Fans of many small market teams have little reason to show up to the ballpark in 2009. We already know which teams will be World Series contenders.

And now, sadly enough, the Yankees have to be considered the favorites to win the 2009 World Series. Not because they are good at scouting players or make good trades, but because they have the deepest pockets.

Way to go Yankees.

NBA Rookie of the Year Candidates and Odds

Derrick Rose started the season with a lot of exciting performances and a lot of people automatically gave him the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Since then, he’s had some bad outings and his defense has been exposed as non-existent. That said, he’ll still probably win it.

OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies
In college, everyone thought OJ Mayo was a ballhogging moron. But on the NBA level, he has proven that sentiment to be wrong. He’s been a very smart scorer who doesn’t overly force the action. Playing in Memphis hurts his chances.

Greg Oden, Portland Trail Blazers
Greg Oden was one of the most hyped rookies of the past 20 years coming into this season. But after getting hurt early on and not doing much since getting healthy, Oden still has a lot to prove before he could win the Rookie of the Year award. That said, if he gets on a dominant streak, he still has a chance.

Michael Beasley, Miami Heat
The Heat have made sure that Michael Beasley only gets to play when he’s defending. For that reason, his minutes have been somewhat sporadic. When he plays, Beasley has been pretty darn good. He can score from many spots on the court and can also rebound better than his size would indicate.

MMA’s Justin Levens and Wife Found Dead

Mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens was found dead along with his wife. Although police aren’t certain as of yet, the crime scene reportedly has the look of a murder/suicide.

Levens has fought in many MMA organizations including the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The 28-year-old fighter had lost his last five fights and eight of his last ten. His last fight was in October of 2007.

While Levens wasn’t a huge star, this certainly can’t help the image of the UFC and MMA in general. Too many fighters are finding themselves either dead or on the wrong side of the law. If the UFC is going to legitimize itself as a sport, they need to do a better job of giving the fighters the support they need.