Factors to Consider in Choosing Football Gloves

Football gloves have become a necessary accessory in the game nowadays. In the earlier times the players used to need only helmet, shoulder pad and cleats, but today these best football gloves are worn by players in different positions for a better grip on the ball and to protect the palms from abrasion and cuts … [Read more…]

LeBron James Crab Dribble

LeBron James evidently doesn’t know what constitutes a traveling in the NBA. After being called for traveling against the Washington Wizards on Sunday, LeBron said after the game that it wasn’t traveling — it was instead a crab dribble. Watch the video at the end of this blog entry to see LeBron’s supposed crab dribble. … [Read more…]

Peyton Manning Didn’t Deserve NFL MVP

Peyton Manning was named the Most Valuable Player in the NFL for the 2008 season. While Manning had a good season, he didn’t deserve to be the NFL MVP for 2008. In fact, no one did. Weirdly enough, 2008 was a season in which no player stood out enough to truly deserve the MVP award. … [Read more…]

Teams that Need Manny Ramirez the Most

Manny Ramirez is a still a free agent. His agent is trying to milk the most money possible out of free agency before allowing Ramirez to sign with a team. Which team needs Ramirez the most? Here’s our list. 5) New York Mets If the Mets ever want to become known as something other than … [Read more…]

Wade Phillips Needs To Be Fired

Wade Phillips needs to be fired. It’s that simple. The Dallas Cowboys are a very talented bunch. Offensively, they are oozing with talent at just about every position. Defensively, they are almost equally as talented. That said, the 2008 Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs. And they did so in disgusting fashion. Facing a must … [Read more…]

Worst 2008 NFL Playoff Teams

4. Miami Dolphins Yeah, the worst to first storyline is heartwarming but the Miami Dolphins will be one and done in the 2008 NFL playoffs. Thought the Baltimore Ravens aren’t much of a powerhouse themselves, they should be able to handle the Dolphins. 3. Minnesota Vikings Outside of Adrian Peterson, the Vikings don’t really scare … [Read more…]

Did The Yankees Just Kill Baseball?

No one can stand fans of the New York Yankees fans. If you are a Yankees fan, just know that the rest of us can’t stand you. But while the Yankees have been annoying in the past, their recent acts may have just killed the sport of baseball. After signing the two best pitchers on … [Read more…]

NBA Rookie of the Year Candidates and Odds

Derrick Rose started the season with a lot of exciting performances and a lot of people automatically gave him the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Since then, he’s had some bad outings and his defense has been exposed as non-existent. That said, he’ll still probably win it. OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies In college, everyone … [Read more…]

MMA’s Justin Levens and Wife Found Dead

Mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens was found dead along with his wife. Although police aren’t certain as of yet, the crime scene reportedly has the look of a murder/suicide. Levens has fought in many MMA organizations including the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The 28-year-old fighter had lost his last five fights and eight of his … [Read more…]